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BigNotch.com COMING SOON!!!

Everybody be on the lookout my new site coming soon. It will feature:

-An online beat store (Exclusive Beats and Non-Exclusives)
-The beat basement (more on that later)
-Full Featured Online forums (apply for moderator positions now)
-Beat CD's

-Notch's Custom Drum Kits


New Beats Up & Demo Beats Still Available. Free Beats Now Available 

That’s right. My music is going to be updated @ least once a week, so keep posted. And also, some beats on my demo are still available for purchase. Contact me for pricing.

I am now posting FREE beats monthly. They are available for download on my soundclick. SOUNDCLICK.COM/BIGNOTCHTHEPRODUCER

Web Design (myspace pages for the LOW) 

Make Sure Ya’ll check out my Grafix Page 


custom myspace layouts start @ 100 dollars. (and that’s CHEAP, get your money up)

Get your MONEY up 

that’s right. I’m tired of people hitting me up for beats and not wanting to pay. lets get some shit straight.

-I don’t give a FUCK who you know
-I don’t give a FUCK what kind of connections you "supposedly" have
-I don’t give a FUCK what team you rollin’ with
-I don’t give a FUCK about how much "exposure" i’ll get for giving you free beats

I’m only interested in CASH MONEY

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!! I don’t FUCK with broke folk.

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