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Category: Site News ( written by bignotch on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 12:50 am )

Monthly Beat Giveaways

Starting August 1st, will be giving away a free beat to everyone on the mailing list on the 1st of each month. We encourage everybody who uses these free beats to email a copy of your finished song to us. We will feature it here on

Beat Store Updates

There was a unfortunate error that occured with out database that wasn't allowing people to purchase tracks. We appologize for this error. It has been fixed now. Also, there is now a 'search' function in the Beat Store. And the permalinks have been fixed also. So you guys should have no trouble viewing seperate categories and genres.

The Beat Basement

For two months, the Beat Basement was inactive due to a technical issue on our end. We sincerely appologize for this and are giving all of the current members two free months!

If you have cancelled your membership due to lack of updates, we will allow you to re-subscribe for on $10. Just e-mail Big Notch letting him know that you want you account re-activated.

Drumkits & Beat Albums

As I type this, we are working hard in the Studio to ensure that these drumkits are of good quality and worth every penny that is charged. Every Kick, Snare, Perc, etc... will be custom sounds that you will only find here on

The Beat Albums are also being worked on very diligently. We are currently deciding which songs would be best suited for the compilations. Each genre will be sold sperately.

We also have another SURPRISE in store that will be available ONLY for BEAT BASEMENT members. More info will be given on that later.

Other News

We sincerely apologize for the Overall lack of updates to the site. We have been having some severe problems with our equipment and servers. However, this has all been worked out and we are moving forward. Expect to see new tracks on the regular.

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