Quit Giving your Beats Away!

Category: Ramblings ( written by bignotch on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 at 3:47 pm )

Producers, quit giving your beats away! Ya'll are fucking stupid man, what do you think that does for the rest of the good producers? It makes it harder for us. By selling beats for almost nothing or giving them away, you're compromising the value of the art. People no longer respect the process and the hard-work that goes into it because you've made it seem like it's nothing.

If I made all of my beats "free Downloads" wit no tags, do you think people are really going to come back purchase a beat that they just downloaded for free? of course not. The fact of the matter is, most rappers are up and coming. And most of these up & coming rappers are cheap assholes. They search the web night and day for free beats, and when they can't find decent tracks for free, they try to sway good producers into give them free beats. Some of them feel that they shouldn't pay for beats because "there are too many producers out there". Or because they don't make money from their music. This is the stupid logic that's running hip-hop right into the ground.  So, if you're a producer that's seeing a decline in sales, this is why.

No, it's not all about the money for me. When I first got started producing music, I have NO intention of making money from it. I simply did it because I enjoyed making music and it helped me get through some painful times in my childhood. But, this does not mean I will give beats away everyday. I would sit on all of my beats before I did that.

I understand that sometimes you have to give away a couple just to make a name for yourself, but eventually you have to become serious about your work and let people know you're a serious producer. Nobody should consistently give away tracks to artist. If they're not making money from their own music, that's their problem. Artists make their money, if not from their albums, from shows.But if they can't sell albums it's because their music sucks and nobody wants to pay for that shit. Even if they don't make money, that's their problem. It doesn't entitle them to free tracks. It's called the music BUSINESS. The keyword here is "business". So, me giving you free beats is NOT the business. It's more like charity.

After reading this, hopefully some of ya'll young producers out there will learn to value your work and quit letting people convince you that's you're a run-of-the-mil producer. Otherwise, you'll be just that.

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