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Reason Song File Now Available for Download (Sunset Limited)

What’s Up Guys…   I just released the Source File for a WestCoast Beat I did a long time ago called “Sunset Limited”. You can download it for free on’s Product Page.   Enjoy    

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I’m proud to announce the that Big is FINALLY out of beta mode. Turns out that the little hiccup in the database that caused the website to go down was a blessing in disguise. It revealed several flaws and allowed us to correct alot of the problems with the website including slow load times […]

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G-Funk Drums Kits are now FREE

I’ve decided to make the Drum Kits on the Product pages a FREE DOWNLOAD. You’ll just have to enter your name and e-mail and they will be e-mailed to you immediately. And don’t worry, we will NOT spam your e-mail.   -Notch

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Big Announcement!!

From this point forward…..  All Beats on THIS site will be priced at $10   Also…   The Beat Basement subscription price has changed to $20.99   that is all…  you’re welcome.

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Free Multi-Formatted Nintendo SFX Coming Soon!

What’s up Guys.   Just to give you guys an update on what’s been going on; I’ve been busy working on Multi-Formatted Nintendo Patches for Various samplers. I’m currently developing my own custom patches to go along-side with the nintendo patches. They will all be FREE downloads and available to the public on the Products […]

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Site Hack Updates

Well, it looks like the hacker really did some sophisticated redirects on the website. But thankfully, the issues have been resolved for now. We have a third party security company now involved in the matter and over-looking the sever daily. We ensure that all of the data you guys have provided is still secure and […]

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We were Hacked

Yes, some of you might have noticed that the website was down for a couple of days during the week. Well, as it turns out, the admin passwords were compromised and the website were hacked and redirected to porn sites. This has been an extremely long week and the fucking hackers did not help to […]

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I shot this one with my iPhone. I even downgraded the quality from 720p so that it would upload faster… Looks like it will be replacing my old camcorder.

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A glimpse into the new Beat Basement

The Beat Basement is constantly being updated with new material.  Here is a glimpse at what you’re missing if you haven’t signed up to be a member. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Premium membership is $49.99

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By now I’m guessing that you guys have probably seen the new “Beta” logo for the site. Well, this doesn’t change anything with the website. In fact, it’s actually a good thing. It means that Me and my network of Guru’s are constantly improving the website to make the experience better for you guys. The […]