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Where are the Beats?

What’s up Guys. As many of you guys may have noticed. The site hasn’t been updated with new music in quite some time. I am finishing my undergrad in Computer Science and have decided to take a Hiatus from beat making. I simply do not have the time to create new music like I used […]

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Free Multi-Formatted Nintendo SFX Coming Soon!

What’s up Guys.   Just to give you guys an update on what’s been going on; I’ve been busy working on Multi-Formatted Nintendo Patches for Various samplers. I’m currently developing my own custom patches to go along-side with the nintendo patches. They will all be FREE downloads and available to the public on the Products […]

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We were Hacked

Yes, some of you might have noticed that the website was down for a couple of days during the week. Well, as it turns out, the admin passwords were compromised and the website were hacked and redirected to porn sites. This has been an extremely long week and the fucking hackers did not help to […]

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I shot this one with my iPhone. I even downgraded the quality from 720p so that it would upload faster… Looks like it will be replacing my old camcorder.

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New Youtube Video “80’s Beats”

What’s Up Members, Visitors, and Subscribers.   Just created another video to go alongside the new beat that was released last night. The video features two of my 80’s inspired beats. Youtube: BigNotch504     Beat:For Sale in the Beat Store Soon

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New Beat “So High” produced by Big Notch

What’s Up Ya’ll.   Just dropped a new track on the front page entitled “So High”…  check it out and let me know what you guys think. I’m giving you guys a chance to claim the beat exclusively before it goes to the Beat Store for sale non exclusively. After today, the beat will be […]

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A glimpse into the new Beat Basement

The Beat Basement is constantly being updated with new material.  Here is a glimpse at what you’re missing if you haven’t signed up to be a member. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Premium membership is $49.99

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By now I’m guessing that you guys have probably seen the new “Beta” logo for the site. Well, this doesn’t change anything with the website. In fact, it’s actually a good thing. It means that Me and my network of Guru’s are constantly improving the website to make the experience better for you guys. The […]

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After tons of custom scripting and programming, long days and sleepless nights, I bring to you guys……….  BIGNOTCH.COM 2.0. has been rebuilt from the ground up and upgraded with tons of new features and changes. I will list a couple here:   New Integrated Social Network New Forum Page New Beat Basement System Beat […]

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WestCoast Beat (Free Source File Download!!)

    What’s Up Ya’ll. Since so many of you guys ask me questions about my west coast beats, I figured this would help you guys out alot. I’m giving you guys a free beat AND the source file to it. The track was made with mostly reason stock sounds and custom made drums, which will […]