Branching off into Professionalism

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I think most people really need to quit over deeming themselves as a "Producer" or "Web Designer" because the truth is, most of you reading this blog are not either. I think the problem here is that people want to appear professional even though they don't produce professional quality products or work at a professional scale. Threre is a difference between being a "producer" and just being a "beat maker". Just like there is a difference between a "Graphic Designer" (someone who plays around in photoshop) and a "Web Developer".  And sadly, even I did not truly know the difference at first. It was only when I started making the transition from amateur hobbyish crap, to professional quality work did I truly understand how much work being a professional producer and web developer entailed.

Beat Makers, Ghaphic Designers, they are a dime-a-dozen these days. There is literally one on every block now. (I hate that, but it's the truth). Why is it like this? Because the resources are simply "too available".  A "wanna-be" producer can find a bootleg copy of FruityLoops (or FL Studio as most lame beat makers like to call it to make it sound more professional) anywhere on the net. I run into 'cracked' versions of Fruity Loops all the time, and i'm not even looking for them. Before, producers had to shell out thousands of dollars before they could start making music. And who is going to invest that much time and money into something they aren't good at? NOBODY! That is why the internet is flooded with thousands of self-acclaimed "producers" who suck balls and shouldn't be let near a keyboard.

Aspiring Web Designers can pick up a copy of Photoshop from one of there friends who goes to a university, or they can just find one of the billion rapidshare links that are hosting a cracked version of the program. There are TONS and TONS of free guides and amateur tutorials out there that almost hold your hand and walk you through how to do basic and advanced stuff in photoshop. They offer classes for photoshop and the adobe suite in most real colleges, but in my opinion it's a waste of money. Any information you need to know regarding web design can be learned at your computer. With sites like and other sites with huge libraries of tutorials, there is absolutely NO reason to spend thousands of dollars taking college courses for the same info you can find online for a small fee (or free).

After a few months of playing around in photoshop or "FL Studio" and looking at a bunch of amateur tutorials online, most of these amateurs/ wanna-be's suddenly feel that they can deem themselves as professionals and operate under the cloak of "Producers" and "Web Designers". Most people will argue that if they produce "decent" quality products, it shouldn't matter and that I should just worry about myself and quit roasting these wanna-be's.  And to these people I say with sincerity.....  KILL YOURSELF!

The problem isn't the the freely available resources or the lame amateurs calling themselves professionals. The problem is that what they are doing directly impacts people who are serious about their careers. They have completely destroyed the meaning and impact of the word "producer" and "web designer" or "web developer".


If you told somebody you were a Music Producer back in the day, their response would probably be:

"Well, you must be doing pretty good for yourself".

If you tell someone this now, there response is:

"Yea.....  so what else do you do".



If you told someone you were a web designer back in the day, people would find that amazing and ask you for a quote. If you told someone you were a web designer now, they would tell you:

"Oh really? my 12yr old nephew does that too. So does my 10yr old niece"

This is not the only problem. Another BIG problem is that amateurs who really have no business in the market create a Barrier between people who are Serious about their craft and people that are in need of quality work. Now people have to weed through countless idiots who don't know what the fuck they are doing and are just full of shit to find people actually live up to their "Producer" & "Web Designer" title. Since so many people claim to be Producers and Web Designers, it makes it hard for the potential clients to take anybody seriously. And that results in less business for people who used to make a living doing what they do.

And one of the biggest problems is that amateurs are actually decreasing the value of the Art. This applies to both Web Design and Music Production. Since so many people are doing web design and music production now, people don't see it as a quality service anymore. They figure they can find anybody to do it, and they shouldn't have to pay much because just about anybody can do it. The few amateurs who actually have some talent are selling themselves short in a desperate attempt to make a dollar. And they have single handedly set the price bar super LOW so that people who used to make a living from their music or web development services no longer can. Now you're lucky to make any decent money doing any of those things.

But, this is where being a Professional comes in. Making a beat is just one aspect of music production.  A "beat maker" might make a couple of dollars here and there. But a real "producer" (someone who oversees a project to completion) will NEVER be broke. He will always have money because of one simple fact. Everybody thinks they have potential. Everybody thinks they have a shot to make it BIG. And they need someone with enough musical knowledge to guide them vocally and help them be the best that they can be. The average bedroom beatmaker cannot do this and is too lazy to obtain the knowledge of music theory and skill in order to do these things.

As I mentioned earlier, graphic designers are a dime a dozen now. Just like beat makers, web design is just one aspect of Web Development. The tools to design graphics are practically free and open for anybody with a computer to learn how to do it. It's so simple, a CAVEMAN can do it. But an Actual Web Designer & Developer who is skilled with a relevant portfolio and client list are not so easy to find. Why? because being a REAL web developer & designer is much harder. You have to do alot of research and be able to effectively apply your creativity. You must be a programmer, a designer and know how to code websites. Plus you have to know a little about SEO and come up with marketing strategies. It's very time consuming and requires an extensive amount of dedication that most "graphic designers" do not possess.  And this is why a  REAL Web Developer will never go broke. They can not only do graphics, but they can see a project through its final stages.

I encourage anybody who has been making beats in their moms basement or making graphic designs on their laptop to step it up and their nurture their skill so that you can utilize it and turn it unto a full blown career. Become a professional. I didn't write this article to put down anybody who is still learning or tell people that they aren't good enough to become real developers and producers. I wrote the article to inform people of the current state of the business and bitch and complain how messed up it is. I'm not saying that there is no hope for anyone in the industry. I believe that if you have enough talent and your work is truly exceptional you will always be able to make money. Most of the things I talk about in the article either apply to me now, or have in the past. I'm just stating facts, mixed with some personal opinions and bitch and crying.

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