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The Difference Between Exclusive & Non Exclusive Rights


Exclusive Rights

"Owning The Master's copy of your beat/s"

By purchasing the exclusive rights to a track "beat" you contain the Masters "which is an original digital recording!" of the track which gives you the full ownership of the track and nobody else!

It can be used for commercial gain, such as albums, Mainstream Media, radio play, record label recordings and sales. In additional, it can also be used for mainstream albums, mixtapes, demos, shows, gigs at clubs, contest, film, etc!

You cannot resell the beat/s you have purchased. You can edit and modify it for vocal recordings such as, chop and screwing, Fade in and Fade out, looping, and other various recording techniques! You own the full masters of the. If the beat/s contain samples, it is not the responsibility of the producer to have those samples cleared.

Give credits to the producer. Maybe even a shout out or two "if you want"!

All Exclusive tracks will be marked as "SOLD" upon purchase.

Non Exclusive Rights
"Leasing the beat/s"

By leasing a track you hereby agree that you don't own exclusive rights to the track
"see exclusive rights" but you are allowed to use it! A leased copy of the track allows you to use the digital track for promotion purposes only such as, mix tapes, demo tapes, to practice with, small gig shows like clubs, talent shows, and exposure.
However you can not record a mainstream album with these tracks "beats" or use them for commercial gain because Still Owns The masters.

I highly recommend leasing if you aren't ready to go pro or get you're tracks digitally remastered for radio or commercial use!


Beats Containing Samples

If purchased "Exclusively" can not be used for commercial gain, Modified, or duplicated until the artist gets the samples cleared.

** Music Sample Agreement**

*The Contract will be sent out stating some of the following:*

Big Notch & are not responsible for the clearing of samples. The artist/label accepts responsibility to clear samples.

The contracts states that payments I receive are for production work only
(ie my time, not for selling some one else's works)

The Buyer also understands and agrees that they are Solely responsible for clearing all samples used and that Big Notch and cannot and will not be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material that the Buyer uses in conjunction with the original beat composition that is being licensed in this agreement.

In the event that the song from the recording is published, utilizing the beat, the buyer/artist/company (whichever applies) will assume all responsibility for setting the copyright infringement and the Producer will not be liable. If the artist requires more of the information on the sample used on the track the artist should consult the producer for it.
All information regarding samples will be given to artist/label ahead of time "before purchase".