5 Reasons Not To Support WorldStarHipHop.com

Category: Ramblings ( written by bignotch on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 1:45 am )





Me and many other Hip Hop heads feel that WorldStarHipHop.com should have remained shut-down when it went offline a couple of months ago. We don't support the website, and have MANY reasons for not doing so. I could go on for days about why YOU shouldn't support the website either, but i'm just going to list five.


1.) WorldStar is the epitome of Coonery and Buffoonery & an embarrassment to black people.

WorldStarHipHop basically takes all of the negative black stereotypes and streamlines them all into one website. Personally, i'm a person who is about breaking negative stereotypes and uplifting my race. WorldStar seems to do the opposite. Black people fighting, Black People shooting, Black people robbing, Black People acting like savages, Black People selling crack etc... is this the image of Black People that we want to constantly put out there for the world to see? Just so the world can continue to justify their bias towards African Americans?

2.) Good Music costs Money, Violence is free.

If I'm an upcoming rapper that wants to have my music video featured on WorldStar, they want a ton of money for it. But if I film myself punching a random guy in the face, WorldStar will showcase it for free. I cannot continue to support a website milks hungry artist, who are trying to make a name for themselves, by charging crazy amounts of money to be featured on their site. But rather showcase any piece of ignorance they can find on the internet free of charge. They are just taking advantage and pimping up and coming rappers.

3.) They don't REALLY support Hip Hop.

Out of the 40+ videos that show up on WorldStar Daily, not even half of them are even Hip Hop related. They call themselves WorldStar "Hip Hop", but do they even really support it?  I see more videos of girls giving blowjobs behind their boyfriends back & girls ripping each others lacefront wigs off than I see of actual Hip Hop. It's so bad, artist are starting to submit fight videos, with their music showcased at the end just so WorldStar will play it.

4.) After 5+ years, The Website Still looks like crap.

Seriously, with all of the money Q gets from this website, you would think he could spend at least a fraction of that money to redesign the site so it won't look like it was created in 1991 right? The way the site looks correlates directly the content of the site. It shows that they care nothing about improving or changing the site or it's content, they're just looking for the next video of some guy getting knocked out. It's obvious whoever created this just slapped it together.

Not only that, but WorldStar is so thirsty for money, that they have allowed ads to take over the website. If I want to view a video I have to keep clicking the small 'X' to close that AD that's taking up half of the window. And then, there's  a separate Video Ad window that opens in the background and plays simultaneously with the video I'm watching. So I have to pause the video i'm watching, then find the ad, close it out, just so I can hear the video I was originally trying to watch. Ridiculous.

5.) They recycle old videos and pass them off as new.

Not only do they promote ignorance and stupidity, but they recycle ignorance and stupidity over and over again. Is there not enough NEW ignorant stuff happening? And to make things worse,  they would NEVER re-upload a music video or anything positive. Instead, they upload the same videos of girls twerking in front of their kids over and over again. Why would I keep logging into WorldStar to see the same videos I saw in 2009?


So, to sum it up, WorldStar does nothing but promote ignorance and stupidity, NOT support hip hop, take advantage of hard working artists, Bombard people with ads so they can make more money, and recycle videos. Do you really want to keep supporting a site like this?

  • Jimmy Ahmed

    I’m not African-American, but I totally agree that WSHH is doing the Hip Hop community a disservice. It almost seems like people are going around beating each other up and recording it all so that they can get on WSHH. It’s not only degrading to Hip Hop, it’s degrading to humanity. And don’t get me wrong, I have succumbed to watching fight videos and they get plenty of views, but there’s a difference between someone candidly happening to catch a fight on video and people going around hurting others for publicity. There’s bound to be something we can do to stop them from getting away with this stuff…I’m going to look into it.

  • Agreed Jimmy, the level of coonery on that website is off the charts. Stuff like fight videos and ass shaking is good in moderation. But it seems that the site has become nothing but senseless violence and stupidity.